Who can register

Any body can register who is owing a company and having a small or big company

How one can register?

Anybody can register online or send us request to get registered, our executive will meet him/her and discuss about theire requirement and then final final verification of content the companies account will be activated.

What are the modes of payment?

we collect payment either cheque/dd or that can also be handed over the our executive in cash.

What types of packeges are availabe on eproexpo.

There are various types of packeges which are availabele to the need of customer. Those can be discussed with our executive in details at the time of registration confirmation meeting.

How we will get the reports abour our statistics?

All the repoest requested will be delivered through email registed with us.

Can a company take part in more then one event?

Yes any company can register in more then one category/event but it will have to make saperate account for that.

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